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Andis Beard Trimmer Review - Must Have Accessory

A good beard trimmer is not one you should have to purchase. The number one mistake in properly growing out your beard are doing nothing with it and expecting it to look good. Good beards come in so many shapes and sizes, there's the full stubble, or an effortlessly styled beard, for example. However, even if you decide to grow an extremely long beard, you still have to learn how to trim it properly as it grows.

You might think of using a beard trimmer to cut your beard into short pieces, but I suggest you look into a tool like the Andis Marinelli T-Barber Trimmer instead. This tool can do so much more than trimming your facial hair; the blade does rotation work, allowing you to control how straight you want your beard to look, and it's small enough to easily fit in your pocket. Here are a few benefits of buying this type of trimmer over again.

First, and most importantly, you can get this Andis beard trimmer at just about any local home improvement store or big box store such as Home Depot or Lowes. You'll find these stores usually have the biggest selection for any product you can think of, and for good reason it's a hot item that getting plenty of sales. However, if you want the absolute lowest prices on this kind of product, I suggest shopping for it online at Amazon or eBay. There are literally thousands of sellers on eBay who sell these vacuum trimmers at ridiculously low prices, and you can easily scoop up an amazing deal by searching through their current listings. Read more on

Second, like all good quality trimmers, this Andis beard trimmer has tons of attachments to make your grooming sessions even easier, and more fun to perform. The Andis Pro Stainless Steel Vacuum Trimmer comes with attachments such as the "Reaper" which allows you to do very precise beard trimming without cutting off your hair (a big concern when doing this, especially when using electric-powered tools). You can also get the "Super Cylinder" which will allow you to do even more efficient grooming strokes and get more out of your time. On top of these attachments, the Andis Pro Series Trimmer also features what is called the Pro Buff which will give you extremely nice and effective deep conditioning.

One of my favorite parts of this and many other good beard trimmers is the design of the headband. Some people don't think this part is important, but it's really easy to damage your shaver by bending the headband. Not only does it bend easily, it can also damage your shaver when you don't keep it on properly. This is not a problem with the Andis Pro Series because they are so sturdy. In fact, the Pro Buff is so comfortable that I hardly even notice that it's on.

Another thing I love about this Andis beard trimmer is that it comes with an impressive list of accessories. These accessories come in handy for all sorts of different situations. For example, there are glide on guards that allow you to make quick beard trims without having to worry about gliding your hand along the handle. There are also guard guards that cover your face or nose while still allowing air to flow to the head. Guarding your face can be useful, especially when you are shaving close to your mouth. Finally, there are also guard attachments that extend past the handle in order to reach your molars, and there are headband padding that keeps the hair from hitting your eyes and ears. Learn more about this company.

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